Well it's a good thing, Steve Jobs has proven that he is a true leader and he wants his underling to be the best, typical American thinking in fact. He and Steve Wozniak created if not built this company. One Steve stayed and his now the number one of the company, his company. So yes, he should control it properly if he does'nt want to see it go to the ground like it almost did in the 90s!

Ain't it logic to carefully keep the reign of ones company in check to insure its success? But indeed watch out for overconfidence, braggin, this sort of things. It has cause the fall of the Goa'uld and Emperor Palpatine!

Bending the world to his ideas ?

Where most try to assess the way the world is and act accordingly, Jobs takes the opposite approach, seeking to bend the world to his ideas.

Now, is that so wrong? Why choose to be a lowlife sheep when you can be a mastermind? Just think, you are the one who makes the world the way it is, you have a vision and there is only one way of making it true: make it happen! There's no way to wait until somebody decides to make it otherwise your dreams will never come to life, you and only you have the power to make things happen the way you want it. Steve Jobs understood that! Do not mistake dreams for arrogance.

Apple vs Flash and Sex

On that note, i agree with almost everyone on the Internet, Steve Jobs is wrong to ban Flash and/or Javascript, that has killed my desire to buy an iPad. At first I start dreaming, I was already seeing my self in the bus (I have no car) watching my japan anime Naruto or Bleach while going to work or whenever with the 3G connection. And upon testing one my self...I must say that I fell from high! No flash means no video on GoodAnime.net or AnimeMedia.com or any of the likes! Making it rather useless for me, oh wait! It works with Youtube, but only youtube. Not enough for me! So mister Jobs, do you have a solution for me?

It's one thing to says that Flash makes Mac OS X crash or whatever but what do you have to back up your claim? Better, what alternative do you provide us with? It's easy to bash at someone else work but can you do better? HTML5 you say? Am all go for the W3C new HTML5 even thou I was hoping to see the end of HTML with the version 4.01 and the future with XHTML 2 or 5 in that case. Anyways, as of now, Apple has no alternative to Flash and they will probably wont use Microsoft's Silverlight so...to hell with the iPad for now!

As for the refusal of putting any explicit sexual material into Apples iTunes and App stores, well how can this means that he's imposing his own moral judgment ? Not only adults use the sites, teenagers and some young teens has well. Before having the American Religious Right movement or a bunch of angry parents up he's ass, he better take the steps to avoid that! It's, in my humble opinion, the smart thing to do.

iPhone 4

To me it's a big failure, screw up and huge mistake by Apple, I wont discuse alot about it since I agree at 100% what Steve Maich said!

Health problems

Ok, now someone will have to explain these two for me: provide shareholders with timely updates on his health problems, clearly a pressing material issue for the market. Sorry but as far as know ones health is his own business! Jobs is not the president of the United State last time i've checked! His health is not of public concern and saying that it will impact on the markets is ridiculous! If only a bunch of white colors would stop speculating over everything without real reason there wouldn't be any economic crisis anymore! Before saying that i don't know what I'm talking about think about how the past US economic crisis and the one in 1929 happened.

Basically, Steve Jobs has good and bad moments, he can be a complete jerk and he can be the future of the electronic world.